All about Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns Paper lanterns are available in different shapes and sizes, as well as they also differ due to various methods of construction. The basic form is simply a paper bag with a candle placed inside; more complicated paper lanterns make use of a collapsible bamboo or metal frame of hoops, covered with tough paper. The paper lanterns are very common in China and Japan also in Chinatowns, where they are often hung outside of business establishments to attract attention of the masses.
In Japan they are called chochin and there is a special style of lettering called chochin moji used to write on the paper lanterns. Placing candles or tea lights in a series of small white paper bags is a common tradition in Hispanic communities during Christmas and it produces astonishing beautiful lighting effects.
The paper lanterns can be classified into five categories, the Baby’s Bottom comes under the miniature category, often used in modern times along with Christmas lights. The second category is the Rolling Paper; it is the tall cylindrical lantern that is often used in restaurants and bars. The third category is the Tomato Light, it is also known as Big Red; it is the traditional round shaped, mid-size lantern. The fourth category is Crystal Magic; these are differently shaped geometric paper lanterns constructed delicately with the use of many square and triangular panes. The last and the fifth category is known as Buddha’s Gastronomy; these are the large and extra large sized paper lanterns that is used to decorate temples and outside during the festivals.

Red paper lanterns were once associated with brothels and this became so popular in the masses that till date most of the areas or localities in the world are termed as the red light area or zone. In Japan, red lanterns are used for the advertisements and they are hung outside the bars and restaurants for this purpose. The use of high-wattage paper lanterns is very common in motion picture productions as they provide soft, edgeless light to a scene. You may opt for the miniature paper lanterns to decorate differently this season.

These holiday yard decorations are easy to put together and fun for the whole family. You can make them by your own efforts at home and it takes no special skills or time or money. You may place these miniature paper lanterns along side your garden paths for your outdoor holiday parties to add a unique attraction to it.
For many centuries, the Spanish villages along the Rio Grande have displayed Christmas miniature paper lanterns in a peculiar way. In Indian and Spanish villages too miniature paper lanterns are lighted on special occasions. Paper lanterns are very inexpensive irrespective of their size but the effect they create is mesmerizing and amazing.  Like the oriental counties now the western world is also following the popularity norms of the paper lanterns and these tiny or big paper artifacts are continuing to lure  the masses towards their mystified beauty. 

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