Amazing Solar Powered Water Fountains

Solar powered water fountainsThe costs of conventional fuels are rising everyday, non conventional energy sources are always available in abundance and it is quite cheap.
Solar power is one of the non conventional energy sources which are being used from the centuries, now all of a sudden it is finding back its popularity. Solar panels are around us since long time now serving us, as a source for heating swimming pools and even homes.
In same fashion, smaller solar panels are used to energize the outdoor and indoor water fountains and are popularly known as solar powered water fountains.

Fountains use to run non-stop and therefore they require a regular supply of power. It is a cost effective proposition, if you select the solar energy over traditional electricity for the equipment and machinery that runs continuously.
Solar energy is collected by the small solar panels and it is converted to the electricity that powers the solar powered fountain just as if it were plugged into an electrical socket. The Solar electricity is usually collected in a storage battery to enable it to supply the electricity round the clock. The fountains obtain energy directly by a pump system by using a battery or traditional electricity. Solar powered water fountains are just like the solar swimming pool heaters, some water fountains have wires attached to smaller panels that are positioned to collect maximum solar reflections. Solar powered fountain is also available with the solar panels built directly into the system.

There are numerous models of solar powered fountain available in the market. The demand for this product is increasing steadily; any classic fountain design you may find essentially with a solar power option now. Large stone basins with elaborate figures, water pouring from an amphora, multi-tiered fountains, natural rock fountains etc., all are available with solar technology. The price range varies a great deal as you can purchase an inexpensive fountain for $30.00 or below to an elaborate stone fountain costing couple of thousands of dollars.

Due to the rising popularity the solar powered water fountains are now available in indoor and outdoor styles. Only thing you have to ensure that the placement of your fountain can access sunlight easily. Solar powered water fountains have become a huge success due to their portability. These fountains are easy to install but transporting the fountain from the store to its location is the hardest part. For the people who like to run their fountains round the clock, it is advisable to buy a small battery pack along with the fountain.

The battery packs ensure that your solar fountain will not only continue pumping throughout the evening but also during heavily clouded days. Solar fountains with the option of running round the clock are priced a little more due to the inclusion of the battery packs.
Solar powered water fountain is a trend which has finally arrived now and it is worth looking into it as new solar fountain creations are readily available. Solar powered fountain is an overall cost effective way to enjoy the gentle sound of trickling water and add visual attractiveness to your indoor or outdoor surroundings.

  1. hey its dads birthday today and i was wondering where you can by solar fountains from. it is to go in the garden

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