Antique Perfume Bottles

Antique Perfume Bottles Collecting perfume bottles has become a popular hobby. Although the exotic fragrances entrapped within may have long evaporated into thin air, but the perfume bottles of yesteryear are even more treasured today. It is a hobby for teenagers, adults, senior citizens, and even kids to build their own collection of antique perfume bottles.
It gives that wholesome fun and satisfaction of having something that not everyone has. Antique perfume bottles are exquisite examples of these small treasures that is found in antique shops and with the collectors around the world. Because the prices for antique perfume bottles can range from a few, to a few thousand, dollars, therefore it is advisable that in the beginning collector should know clearly what to look for in a prospective antique perfume bottle to make sure of getting the genuine article.

You should always check for chips and scratches when you scrutinize the Antique perfume bottles. If there is a paper label, then you have to know if it is perfect or not. The caps, applicators and the stoppers must be in perfect condition, or if not perfect, at least not in worsening condition. The antique perfume bottles that are broken or cracked will make your collection pointless one. You must check the authenticity of the Antique perfume bottles. T the present time, many people are there with the desire to deceive you just to make money. It is becoming more and more difficult to avoid those deceptive people. Some manufacturers do not mark their bottles, thus, you will have a hard time identifying if it is the real deal or not.

But the brands like Baccarat, Galle, Lalique and Moser have marks so collecting them is a whole lot easier process for you.
The Antique perfume bottles by manufacturers mentioned above are very much desirable, hence they attract a higher cost but for sure, they are worthy of being purchased. Their rarity, for they are absolutely rare, seems to compensate the amount of money you spent for it. The first rule for building your collection of antique perfume bottles is to only collect bottles you really like. Even though an antique perfume bottle may be inexpensive, it’s not going to add any value to your collection if it’s ugly.

Price and age do not by themselves an eye-catching collection make; so if you have to choose between buying an inexpensive ordinary antique perfume bottle right now or waiting a little longer to buy a more expensive one that absolutely bowls you over, wait a little longer. But never spend money you need for other expenses on an antique perfume bottle just because you think it might be a steal.

It is also advisable not to limit your search for antique perfume bottles to antique shops only. They can be found at estate and even in yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and Internet auction sites. If you know what to look for, and the seller doesn’t, you can find some real bargains on antique perfume bottles. Buying from Internet auctions can be competitive, because the other bidders will know just as much about the bottle as you do.

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