Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset


Apple’s presents it’s light, simple, and attractively designed Bluetooth headset for it’s iPhone but the device cause hindrance in utilizing the full potential of the iPhone.
The headset is quite expensive it cost about $129. Its dual dock feature is useful it charges both the headset and the iPhone. While traveling separate docking cable can be used to charge both from a single USB.
iPhone dock cost around$50 and $30 for an extra headset charging USB ,so having both included in the headset’s box It makes a profitable deal. In the box there are two iPod style ear piece covers and a manual .

The device is so user friendly that the user guide is not needed.  It’s working is quite simple just  plugging it into the dock with the iPhone pairs the two together and charges it up; rest is controlled by the one button on the headset itself. Just by   touching  the button the user can receive and terminate  the call  and to decline the call user has to push and hold the button for a while until it beeps . It’s artistically pack in the box that looks exactly like the iPhone.

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