Barclayscard Barclayscard is a worldwide credit provider (credit cards and loans) possessed by Barclays plc in the UK. The Barclayscard was the 1st credit card presented in the UK, amounting into service in 1966. It relished a monopoly till the debut of the Access card in 1972.

Barclayscard afterward turned into component of the VISA electronic network. Presently, Barclays provides both MasterCard and VISA variants. Barclaycard calls it is Europe’s starring issuer of credit cards with eleven million in circulation. Barclayscard’s headquarterses are in Northampton, along with a lot storeys of the One Churchill Place building in Canary Wharf, where Barclays principal business concern is established.

Barclaycard was also the primary sponsor of The FA Premier League (from 2001–2004) until Barclays itself took over at the beginning of the 2004-2005 season.

In the late eighties and early nineties, Rowan Atkinson starred in a series of Barclayscard advertisements. The 1st advertisement demanded Richard Latham coming in headquarters to be narrated about his following mission. He is gifted a Barclayscard. The advertisement ends with Richard appearing from sentry box with an unmindful sentry bodyguard.

In the ad following, Richard is companied by a protege named Bough. Bough is the human that okays of Baclayscard and narrates Richard of its profits, much to Richard’s dissension. In the advertisements, Richard fires the end of a carpet, breaks a vase for a wedding gift (and agitates the pic of the wedding) and, the long-familiar advertisement, blurring a head honcho from Military Intelligence Section 5 for a pipe fitter at a law-breaking vista.

The other familiar affair about the ad is the theme tune. This ad was the base for Johnny English, which also starred Rowan Atkinson (although he was changed from Richard Latham to Johnny English).

Barclaycard works in over sixty countries and has around 1000000 clients outside the UK. Barclayscard International calls that to date 1.8 million cards have been released and that about 35,000 transactions are finished every day.

In addition to Barclayscard UK and Barclaycard International, there is also Barclayscard Business UK (Merchant Acquiring, Corporate Issuing and Partnership Issuing). Barclaycard business concern were erstwhile acknowledged as Barclayscard Merchant Services (BMS). As a Merchant Acquirer they relish roughly thirty-eight percent of the UK Acquiring Business. They provide a number of channels including WWW payments (ePDQ) and small merchant bank-owned termini (PDQ Terminals) usually furnished by Ingenico (formally Fortronic).

Barclayscard have now teamed up up with London’s Transport for London to blend a credit card with an Oyster card – named OnePulse. The fresh card is referable be plunged in the fall of 2007.

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