Best Christmas Toys of 2007

Christmas is around the corner and you must be busy trying to figure out the best christmas toys available around for the kids and what better gift can you give them but the very best.

Christmas is the time for you to show all your love and a personalized gift is the best thing in the world for your little one. Christmas has been highly commercialized presently and our children think about it as a time when they get gifts.

You may also get them toys which show them the art of giving. Surprisingly cuddly stuff, playhouses and other traditional toys are no longer in style. The most recent Christmas gift choices for children this season are kid’s versions of cell phones, laptops, digital cameras and MP3 music players.

Those toys that will be at the top of children’s Christmas wish lists for the year 2007 are:

The toys do reflect some of this years TV and film successes as the transformers have always been a big hit, but the new ones are even better because they are a spin off from the new transformer movie.
The Transformers Movie Arm Blaster will be in great demand. Beside that, latest incarnation of Optimus Prime. He now transforms from vehicle to awesome Optimus Prime figure with advanced Auto morph technology to enhance conversion, available Complete with projectile launchers and electronic horn sounds and lights to enhance the attraction.

Talking parrots are one more attraction available at present. These parrots talk, dance, and even respond to your commands. It has the ability to do an astounding quantity of tasks. Another popular choice is the Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name, by Mattel, this wonderful new toy is at his smallest size when you buy it, and in just over one week he will be grown to full size, quite amazing! Isn’t it? Moreover A child can teach the puppy as he grows, to learn his name, favorite place, birthdays and many more things like that. The butterscotch pony for your little one is another one. It can carry a weight of 36 kilos and your kid can go on a ride with this pony, this life like pony will respond to you, blink and even shake her head.

The FlyTech dragonfly is also worth considering. It takes radio control to new heights; this Dragonfly flaps its wings like a real insect, and is controlled from a hand held transmitter. It can take off, soar, hover, dive-bomb and glide quietly to land. Each flight can last up to 10 minutes from a single charge. Another option available is the Roary R/C Car, it can be steered left, right, backwards and forwards, all from the remote controlled steering wheel shaped transmitter provided along with it.

Newest Barbie is also waiting for you. The new Barbie Island Princess can talk and sing with styling head. New Barbie Girls plug into your computer to unlock a virtual Barbie World and will also double as very trendy MP3 Player. Beside this Board games, are still a popular choice for many families and this year Eternity II is what you want to buy. There are numerous options are available for you to have a pick from for your favorite little one.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get Christmas toys for your kid and let him enjoy this December like anything !!

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