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Music Production and Mixing Tips & Tricks

A song or the music becomes captivating for every one by its symphonic  magical effect which it spells on all the listeners by its tones of combinational music. As a song just after being recorded renders all the listeners speech-less by its magical effect, there exists a secret as well behind its magical effect on the listeners. Sophisticated machines have been in use for long, while recording different types of… Read Article →

How To Make A Song

Instead of penning down here a few straightforward injunctions for some one seeking to excel in creating a best song by authoring and composing it independently, it’d better to draw a perfect structure of a song so that even a novice can accomplish the writing and composing of song causing a captivating impact on its listeners. Before writing a lyric or song to be presented to the audiences in its composed… Read Article →

Some Techniques to Warm Up Your Singing Voice

We feel a tremendous relaxation and manage to lessen even the mounting tension of ours while hearing the voice of some renowned singer. Without practice no any one can become an efficient singer. And what practice calls for are some of conspicuous exercises to be done regularly so that an aspirant of achieving an exceptional dexterity in singing should grab all the tactics staunchly needed to be applied at reaching… Read Article →

Chord Piano – Play It Fast

Anxious of excelling in playing a Chord Piano? Don’t worry yours being paranoid for learning a Chord Piano has got to go into oblivion as what is going to be furnished through this article can pave a way for you to get yourself acquainted with the skill of playing the Chord Piano and creating a beautiful symphonic rhythm without getting parasite on others. Generally all the pianos happen to be… Read Article →

How to Restring an Electric Guitar

Playing a guitar not only spells a magic on the listeners but makes you too feel a great complacence, provided you excel in playing and restringing your electric guitar efficiently. Only causing a powerful acoustic impact on the audiences isn’t all as another expertise of tightening its steel chords or strings with a great care also is called for on a part of guitarist. We are giving you a few important tips… Read Article →