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How Are Cremation Urns Made

Cremation is one of the few widely practiced last-right rituals around the world and is spreading towards states. But the trend of making the cremations memorable is not so common yet. In fact people can make the death of their loved ones including their pets memorable with a little spend. When it comes to choose a funeral urn there are many of them available in the market. Generally these urns… Read Article →

How To Clean Headstones

It has always been exciting me to trace the family tree and learn genealogy. Most often, when I go to visit old headstones, I find them dilapidated and covered in layers of dust and hard water. I often have to clean headstones to learn about the roots. This requirement of mine has given me all knowledge and skills that one may need to clean gravestones. I spent over 5 years… Read Article →

Black British Women

Black British Woman is a term which has a racial link to it. Generally it has been often used to refer to any non-white British woman. This term was first used at the fag end of the British Empire, when numerous colonies gained independence and thereby created a new form of national identity. At that time this term was used mainly to describe those women from the former colonies of… Read Article →

Cremation Grave Markers

The cremation of the dead bodies being practiced world over since ages in various communities. It is the act of reducing a dead body by burning in a crematorium furnace. The remains left after the process of cremation are not ashes, but rather bone fragments which are then crushed in a special device known as cremulator into what are known as cremains or more popularly as ashes, which exhibit the… Read Article →