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Gothic Tattoo Designs

Like the common notion prevalent across the Globe regarding all kinds of tattoos depicting individual’s aspiration of getting him or her self acquainted with something exceptional in life and expressing support to or rebel against any individual, power or regime, the Gothic Tattoo Designs also express the psychology of the person wearing Gothic Tattoos, following some serious and bitter experiences which he/she must have already passed through. What is remarkable… Read Article →

Eagle Tattoo Designs

Eagle Tattoo Designs are carved over different parts of the human body to symbolize the awaiting victory as well as the good omen to step into the life of the people coming across the eagle even in the form of tattoo. Eagle being the fastest flying and efficient hunter bird is treated with affection and a great respect on earth. Eagle is supposed to bring an aggrandizement and salvo in… Read Article →

Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoo Designs symbolize the Christian faith and the people believing in the power of God Jesus get the Cross tattoos designed on different parts of their body expressing their sanctimonious state of being and becoming immune to all kinds of external maligned forces as well. Fashion of getting carved the Cross Tattoo Designs on different parts of body has engulfed not only the Christian community but the whole world…. Read Article →

Chinese Tattoo Designs

Having been prevalent for long throughout the world, the art of drawing a variety of fascinating indelible designs, called tattoo, over different parts of the human body has spelled its magic over the people of entire world, specially youths belonging to China, Japan, Thailand and India, in this way enhancing the demand manifold of Chinese Tattoo Designs. Chinese Tattoo Design is an art of carving a variety of beautiful designs with… Read Article →

Calligraphy Tattoo Designs

Drawing a variety of fascinating designs with a specialized vibrating machine fitted with a needle over different parts of an exposed human or animal body is called Calligraphy Tattoo Design. The art of creating with hands different types of captivating designs over different parts of body like hands, neck, belly and face is called ‘Calligraphy’ a term to have been used in Greek language. Calligraphy Tattoo Designs express the psychological… Read Article →