Cremation Grave Markers

The cremation of the dead bodies being practiced world over since ages in various communities. It is the act of reducing a dead body by burning in a crematorium furnace. The remains left after the process of cremation are not ashes, but rather bone fragments which are then crushed in a special device known as cremulator into what are known as cremains or more popularly as ashes, which exhibit the appearance of grains of sand grey in color. Cremated remains or the ashes are returned to the next of kin in a rectangular plastic container by the crematoriums.

An official certificate of cremation prepared under the authority of the crematorium is given along with the ashes.

Cremation grave markers
Some people prefer the process of cremation for personal reasons. For some people it is because they are not attracted to traditional burial, some people find that they prefer cremation because it disposes of the body immediately. Many people take cremation as a way of simplifying their funeral process, to make their services as simple as possible. The cost factor also tends to make cremation more attractive.

Cremation is usually preferred for environmental reasons. Burial is a source for certain environmental contaminants like embalming fluids that contaminates the groundwater with mercury, arsenic and formaldehyde. Another concern is contamination from radioisotopes that entered the body before death and the decay of such dead bodies could cause environmental pollution. Traditional burial takes up a great deal of space. But over time it can cause serious space concerns. Many cemeteries are starting to run out of space making the traditional burial plots extremely scarce and expensive.

The ashes received after the cremation is transferred to the cremation urn and they are buried as per the desire of the near and dear one of the deceased. The burial of the ashes usually calls for the erection of some sort of memorial and for that the cremation grave markers are used. The cremation grave markers are usually available in two types one is the slab type and the other one is the slanting. The materials used to create these cremation grave markers are usually granite, bronze and marble. Beside the marble grave markers all other materials are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

When you are going for the selection for a cremation grave marker, there are several things that need to be considered. Most important of all is to know what the Cemetery Rules & Regulations for grave markers are. Having this information beforehand is of crucial importance to ensure the selection of right kind of cremation grave marker.

Many cemeteries regulate the size of the cremation grave marker to be placed on the grave. Some of the cemeteries specify a minimum and maximum size and as long as the grave marker is within these guidelines it will be approved by the cemetery. Some of the cemeteries are very strict with their size requirements and only allow sizes specified by them for grave markers. Therefore it is very important to select a cremation grave marker that is within the size requirements prescribed by the cemeteries.




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