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Download Oxford English Dictionary Through this post you will learn more about Oxford English Dictionay as well as where to download the free Oxford English Dictionary (trial version – try before you buy).
Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a dictionary issued by the Oxford University Press (OUP), and is the most encompassing dictionary of the English language. It is not the one-volume Oxford Dictionary of English, erstwhile New Oxford Dictionary of English, of 1998. Today you can download Oxford Dictionary for free and has no limiatations at all.

The objective of this Dictionary is to portray in alphabetised series the words that have conceived the English lexicon from the time of the crudest records down to the current, with all the crucial informations pertaining their anatomy, sense-history, orthoepy, and etymology. It adopts not only the acceptable words of literature and conversation, whether current at the present moment, or outdated, or antiquated, but as well the main technological lexicon, and a big appraise of dialectal utilization and jargon.

The Oxford English Dictionary is the center of a great deal of academic exercise about English words. Its selection of order in listing variant spellings of headwords charms the scripted English of a lot of countries and people are downloading Oxford dictionary like anything.

Now that the text of the dictionary was digitalised and World Wide Web, it could also be released on CD-ROM. The text of the 1st version was brought in 1988. Subsequently, 3 editions of the 2nd version were brought out. Version 1 (1992) was similar in content to the published 2nd version, and the CD itself wasn’t copy-protected. Edition 2 (1999) had a few add-ons to the principal, and updated software package with ameliorated exploring characteristics, but had awkward copy-protection that made it hard to employ and would even stimulate the program to refuse use to OUP faculty in the center of presentations of the product. Edition 3 (2002) has extra words and software system betterments, although its copy-protection is still as unappeasable as that of the earlier variant, and it is usable for Microsoft Windows only.

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, oftentimes abbreviated to SOED, is a scaled-down variant of the “Oxford English Dictionary” and you can download Oxford dictionary, the shorter one also. It contains 2 volumes instead than the 20 required for the entire 2nd version of the OED. The 6th version was brought out in Aug 2007.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary (until 2002 officially entitled The Concise Oxford Dictionary, and widely cognized by the abbreviation COD) is believably the best-known of the ‘smaller’ Oxford dictionaries. It was commenced as a derivative of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), whilst divisoions S–Z had to be scripted prior to the Oxford English Dictionary arrived at that phase.

Currently the download for Oxford english dictionary is available not just for PC but also for PPC and mobile phones.

Now do you want Oxford dictionary Free Download (trial version) ? If yes then we are pleased to announce that you can download Oxford dictionary from here (trial version).

Minimum Specification to use the downloaded version of Oxford English Dictionary:

A PC with minimum 166 MHz Pentium processor, Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP 32 Mb RAM (64Mb recommended) SVGA monitor displaying 16-bit colour (64K, high colour). Access to internet is only needed when downloading the products.

Reccomended specifications: A PC with 1 GHz Pentium processor, Windows XP Home/Professional with 512 Mb RAM, SVGA monitor displaying 16-bit colour (64K, high colour).

  1. Can u tell me how to download the dictionary. plz its very helpful and a neccessity for all to understand english better.

  2. I like very very very much oxford dictionary cz there is easily understand meaning of a word

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