Hairball Symptoms Cat Lovers Must Know

If you love the cats a lot and have one with you at home, then you are needed to be introduced with some hairball symptoms which oftentimes causes a fatal effect over the cat, if not noticed and diagnosed on time. As is common among all the animals to treat independently all of their physical ailments and cope with life-threatning situations, the cat too happens to be capable of adapting itself in all kinds of troublesome situations, be it saving herself from any stranger or removing any illness of her body, everything is done by her spontaneously without getting parasite on any medical treatment.

Contrary to a fact that all the stray cats can keep themselves healthy by consuming different types of foods, the domestic cat is needed to be administered medical checkup in case it gets victimized of any health related complication such as hairball.

Cat Hairball Symptoms

Hairball is a problem in cats causing often a death, if not cured on time. Generally the cat manages to get herself out of Hairball problem on her own, but some times it goes out of order posing in this way a life-threat to the cat.

Hairball is caused due to excessive hair going into the stomach of cat. The cat with dense hair of her sometimes become the victim of hairball problem. As the cat happens to be habitual of licking different parts of her body, it takes inside her stomach huge amount of hair involuntarily. Though the consumed hair often passes out of her stomach, sometimes it gets stuck inside the body. The cat being capable of taking care of her all the health-related problems generally manages to get rid her even of hairball by vomiting.

But sometimes the pet cat becomes helpless in spitting out the hairball from her stomach due to its jamming in the digestive tract of her and choking the remaining functions, which results in her death.

The hairball can be identified by some of the following symptoms. On noticing any one of them, take your cat to a nearby veterinarian immediately-

  • The cat will start heaving and look like a fidgeting creature on the ground.
  • Its abdomen will get inflated.
  • The cat will start relentlessly mewing and moaning.
  • The cat will be seen attempting to vomit but only in vain.

Its best remedy lies in its being administered lubricants by the vet which paves the way for the hairball to exit very easily.

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