Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Fruit Smoothie not only keeps you fresh and healthy but replenishes the needs of iron, calcium, minerals and vitamins without causing obstinate fats in your body which generally happens to be a major cause of variety of physical complications affecting the people at most. In order to keep you healthy you should take one glass of  Healthy Fruit Smoothie every day in the morning by preparing it on your own at home.

There are a variety of Healthy Fruit Smoothies which you can prepare at home without any difficulty using different fruits. What is required to be concentrated at is looking into a recipe presented over here guiding you as to how to prepare a healthy glass of Healthy Fruit Smoothie from different fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, orange juice and fresh buttermilk.

Recipe from fruits

If you’ve got yourself convinced that having the Healthy Fruit Smoothie every day is the best solution of living a healthy life, do follow the recipe which will help you prepare it without forcing you to look for any market fruit smoothie which happen to be adulterated with chemical preservatives.

Lets have a look at the recipe on Healthy Fruit Smoothie to be prepared with in less than ten minutes of duration.
Before sipping a delicious glass of Healthy Fruit Smoothie what you are required to get yourself acquainted with are the following items-

One cup of Blueberries
One cup of Strawberries cut into two pieces
One fresh Banana
One to four cups of sugar
One cup of orange juice
Two cups of fresh buttermilk  and
One teaspoon Vanilla

All the aforesaid edible items will have to be placed into your Kitchen mixer and mixe till they perfectly get converted into pureed. In order to liquefy them you can add small quantity of water as well in that and take it afresh as Healthy Fruit Smoothie prepared at home while having your breakfast. 

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