How To Breed The Flower Horn Fish

The Flower horn fishes are preferred worldwide and used commercially. Those who aspire to breed the Flower horn fish at home should come across some of the conspicuous facts revolving around the Flower horn fish.

The Flower horn fish is a beautiful tropical sea fish known as Flower horn cichlids. Being 1.25 fit by its length the Flower horn fish is an aggressive creature which is vulnerable to a threat imposed by any stranger. In other words we can say that it is a Scaramouch by its attitude. Being beautiful and a symbol of omen the Flower horn fish is kept at home by those who a have a blind faith in Flower horn fish’s positive effect on the human beings.

Simple notion or belief that the Flower horn fish brings a favorable effect upon the individuals keeping it in home has increased its demand manifold in the world requiring in this way its breeding as one of the lucrative business worldwide.

If you are looking for breeding the Flower horn fish independently, you should apply the following tips to accomplish the breeding of Flower horn fish at your home.

  • Arrange spacious aquarium which can prove to be a compatible breeding habitat for the Flower horn fish pair. The male Flower horn fish happens to be much stronger in comparison with female counterpart and is needed to be kept under a strict observation.
  • The aquarium selected for breeding the Flower horn fish should be made in such a way that the male and female Flower horn fish can be separated by a transparent separator. Transparent plate of glass can be used for this purpose as a best separator.
  • The transparent glass should separate both the Flower horns only and not the water of same aquarium.
  • Aquarium should cause a scene of tropical water with the pebbles and stones of different colors resembling natural sea water.
  • Aquarium being made of glass enhances the visibility between you and the flower horn fishes which can become an impediment on way of breeding of flower horn fish. So cover up those portions, where you are likely to create a proper climate from for breeding. The Flower horn fishes can get disturbed at the sight of yours so keep yourself concealed from theirs sight.
  • Despite parting both the flower horn fishes by a transparent film of glass you should ensure the flow of water from the male Flower horn fish to the female flower horn fish as it will stimulate a sexual instincts in the female Flower horn fish and get her ready to invite the male Flower horn fish for mating.
  • Coming under a natural influence of mating, both the Flower horn fishes will become restless for sexual intercourse which will be exhibited by female flower horn fish’s developing a back color strip all over her body. Besides, its genital papilla  also will get swollen inviting the male flower horn fish for an intercourse.
  • You should keep a close watch over entire developments of congenial atmosphere for sex and remove the film of glass immediately, without making them felt your presence and pave the way for theirs mating.
  • Oftentimes there may emerge a situation when both the flower horn fishes may not prefer to involve in courtship and the male flower horn fish getting too aggressive and causing injuries to the female flower horn fish. Separate the both immediately.
  • After finding both the flower horn fishes ready to mate if you see any one of them closing near to another one and another’s remaining standstill at its same place then you should get assured of favorable breeding to start.
  • Clean the aquarium regularly as the flower horn fishes do not prefer the feces and filthiness.
  • In order to keep the water of aquarium immune to any fungal attack you should use some sterilizing substances such as methylene into the water and clean debris thereof on a regular basis.

  1. My Male Flowerhorn is 10 inch and female is 4 inch, im separated them with glass for 2 weeks can i put them together for breed. pls rply for my ques?

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