How to Choose Perfume

Perfume bottleYour perfume should be a reflection of your personality. The choice of the perfume always depends on certain factors and conditions there are some guidelines available for you to have a look into it. 

Perfume having the exactly same fragrance may react differently on different people. Therefore it is advisable not to choose a perfume just because you like the fragrance on someone else. Fragrance of the perfume interacts differently with every single individual’s body chemistry. Don’t try to choose your perfume by sniffing the bottle. Always try to apply the perfume to your wrist and allow the fragrance to develop.
After applying the perfume sample to your wrist wait for 10 minutes for fragrance to development. Go in for maximum 3 or 4 perfumes samples at a time; it will save you from confusion. It is perfume oils that give perfumes their fragrance. The higher the concentration of perfume oil the longer the perfume will last.
The perfumes available in the market can be categorized into five categories like Floral; floral perfumes have strong overtones of flowery fragrances. From roses to jasmine to lavender have long been the most popular and wide-spread perfumes in the world. They are great as a safe perfume that’s suitable for all ages, sexes and occasions. Next comes the Fruity fragrances, they are generally spicy and fresh. They are quite youthful and suitable for warm and cool weather alike. They are an excellent choice for women who like classic fragrances, but also want to add a little flair.

Next is the Woody perfume, these Earthy tones are the feature of woody fragrances. These perfumes usually feature such perfumes as sandalwood, patchouli and cedar, to give a rich, natural fragrance. Other category is the Greens; the green perfumes have tones more reminiscent of cut grass and crisp spring growth. They possess some of the same perfume as the oriental perfumes, but are far lighter and suitable for casual wear as well as evening and business wear.

They are generally funky and contemporary perfumes that are most suitable for younger and sportier people and can be worn on all occasions. Next is the most popular one the Oriental, these perfumes are the strongest of all perfumes. Sensual overtones and rich undertones often make for quite heavy blends, but they are complemented by the fine perfumes of sweet vanilla, musk, sumptuous flowers and oriental resins.  Each category also contains a number of sub-categories, where cross-over tones create more complex fragrances.

A perfume that reflects your interests, lifestyle and personality can be timeless. It is very important for you to choose a perfume that reflects and blends well with your personality as well as with your body chemistry. It is not a very difficult task but it is a time consuming one. This way you may develop your perfume wardrobe like your costume wardrobe to have the different perfumes matching to different occasions, seasons and moods. It makes a great sense, just think of it. I hope now you have learnt how to choose a perfume for yourself

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