How to Grow Hair Faster and Longer for Black Women

Black women like all other women wish to know how to make your hair grow faster and longer. They feel much bothered when their hair is just shoulder or neck length. Even after a year’s wait by trying all the best alternative methods and available hair loss or hair care product from the open market, they still long to have a better result for their hair growth faster and longer. They do feel comfortable and attractive if they have longer hair.
How to make your hair grow faster

Here are some rules and regulation for better hair growth for black women

Protein/ Moisture Balance -The initial way for retaining your hair length is to balance well your protein and moisture in your hair. According to expert, hair is made of 88% protein. In order to have an unbreakable hair structure, it is important that your hair have good protein. Through proper protein treatments this can be achieved. Therefore try to have protein rich foods in your regular diet. You should also maintain moisture balance in your hair.

Indulge in regular massaging – Those black women who feel hair loss or reduced hair growth can indulge in regular scalp massaging for nearly 15 minutes in the morning or evening hours. A gentle scalp massage will also thicken the hair stand which really gives you stronger and fuller hair. Another important benefit of scalp massaging is its relief of headaches and calming effect. It is better to do scalp massaging with some herbal hair oil or coconut oil. This type of massage can be done at home; you need not visit a massage parlor or beauty parlor and take the service of massage therapist or beautician who provides this service. You can self indulge in scalp massaging with your both hands in the direction of hair growth. You can also take the help of your family members or friends to do scalp massaging for you.

Black women make hair grow faster

Black women should adopt protective hair styling methods

It is observed that most of the black women feel good styling their hair according to their traditional or modern trends in hair styling. It is nice to wear your hair down once in a while. But in order to maintain that good length, the hair must be secured in a very protective style. Black women can go with some protective styling of hair such as buns, braid-outs, curling your ends and bantu knots. The main importance of adopting a protective hair style is to keep your hair unexposed from the air and hair ends moisturized. Do your hair style in such a way that your hair ends are covered and this will help you from unwanted breakage. It is better you can wear your hair in a protective hair style for at least 3 to 4 out of the 7 days of the week
How to make your hair grow faster black women

Deficiency correction for black women

It is better to consult your personal doctor regarding the deficiency that your body is facing and the reasons for your hair loss or reduced hair growth. It is been observed that most of the black women do face one or the other deficiency in their body. You can bring a balance in the said deficiency by regularly taking the doctor suggested tablets or pills for hair growth.

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