How to Install Neon and Led Interior Car Lights

Seek to install the neon and led lights as the interior lights in your car? 
Dont worry we are here to guide you as to how to fit it without any difficlty.  

First get yourself acquainted with the neon car lights which you aspire to install inside your car. Buy only the certified neon car lights from an authorised shop. Before heading to accomplish the installation work what you will be required to get yourself equipped with are the tools without which installation of the neon and led interior car lights at your car will not be easy to be accomplished.

The tools required to be used are the a toggle switch (to control tubes independently), soldering gun and solder, electrical tap or heat shrink tubing, silicone, flat head screw driver, star head screw driver and other essential tools. You can buy a complete kit or box of tools from the market. 
Car interior led light

Follow the injunctions being given over here to help you install the neon and led interior lights in your car very easily.

– Before moving ahead in installing the neon and lead car lights disconnect the electric circuit from the battery of car. Complete disconnection from the battery if is likely to affect some crucial systems of the car, it’d better for you to remove only the negative or earth wire from the battery, from safety’s point of you.

– Select the area inside the car, which you seek to install the neon and led lights at. Be aware of the installation area as it needs a great care on your part and a complete protection form being damaged due to accidental hit by your foot. Generally the people prefer the dash board of their car to be used for installing the neon light. You should ensure in such case that the neon light and Led should be above the area your foot remains possibly to cause a damage to the neon light.

– Remove the interior plastic of your car and install there the neon and led light carefully. You may require to drill the respective area to make a way for fitting the neon and led light.

– As the fuse protects all the electric and electronic appliances from being damaged due to voltage fluctuation, it should be installed just one and half feet away from the car battery.

– Use a strong electric cable/wire with sufficient length covering from the battery up to your interior steering dash, where you are about to operate the neon and led car light with an ease.

– Fit the two-way-toggle switch at one end of the cable/wire in such a way that it should make a path of electric circuit switching-on and switchich-off the neon and led lights simultaneously with a great comfort. The toggle switch should be screwed just near the steering rod or be fitted at a place suggested on the kit book of neon lights according to your convenience.

– Just after fitting the neon/led car lights, toggle switch and the fuse you’ve to connect the circuit with a single cable.

– And before connecting the cable by electric path, measure the entire cable to be used starting from the toggle switch via battery up to the neon and led car light. Cut it into an long desired length.

– Conceal the entire cable by the carpet and other interior accessories of your car.

– Situation may warrant you, while installing the neon and led lights, to drill a few holes as well near the steering or steel body of your car to pass the cable through. Cover all the holes if drilled, by inserting into them the rubber grommets in order to prevent the matal rubbing the wire bare.

– Just after installing the required accessories including the toggle switch,  neon/led car light and cable successfully, connect the whole circuit path with the battery.

Now you are ready to enjoy the neon and led car lights installed on your car. If you see any flickering on the  neon and led car lights check the connectivity of cable with battery.

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