How To Make A Song

Instead of penning down here a few straightforward injunctions for some one seeking to excel in creating a best song by authoring and composing it independently, it’d better to draw a perfect structure of a song so that even a novice can accomplish the writing and composing of song causing a captivating impact on its listeners.

Before writing a lyric or song to be presented to the audiences in its composed form, the lyricist is needed to pay his full attention on some of the specific parts of the song so that it should prove to be powerful and effective.

What play their exceptional roles in making a song beautiful and evergreen are its Intro, Verse one and Verse two and repeated Chorus.

Though there are many Intro musics without taking much of the audiences’ time for theirs coming across the actual words of song, some take more time in making the audiences listen the words of songs through their initial music called Intro music. The latter songs often are the best songs in comparison with the previous ones. Taking a time in presenting the exact words of the song is termed as the Intro of a song performed by variety of musical instruments.

Intro music renders the audiences so rapturous in enjoying the song that they find it very difficult to divert their attention from it and thus hear the song with a great curiosity and interest. What make the audiences ecstatically hear the song are its lyric and rhythm. Music accompanying the respective song or lyric creates a rhythm spelling a magic on the audiences.

Being a beginner you cant be supposed to be an efficient and professional song writer or a composer, but the way your song is presented to the audiences can entitle you to be recognized as an efficient lyricist or a song writer provided it is accompanied by a highly professional orchestra group.

Though there is no any particular trend of writing and composing a song, some of its conspicuous factors may help you form a perfect structure of a song which you are likely to pen down. In other words nothing in this world can be perfect, so is yours art of making a perfect structure of a song. But there are some of the indispensable points to be noted here which may help you make a good structure of a song-

  • In order to create a dexterity in preparing a song you will have to develop an understanding of the music and song. Though to gain a professional expertise, joining an institute is must, you can develop a remarkable efficiency in this respect by listening repeatedly a song which impresses you a lot.
  • Get your self acquainted with the definition of Intro, Verse One, Chorus, Verse Two, Chorus and Repeat Chorus.
  • Instead of starting a song hastily, give an Intro music to the song which will create a ground for the song to be sung. Any particular musical instrument like, Guitar, Saxon, Synthesizer or Flute is used in making the Intro of a song, which oftentimes remains in the mind of listeners as an unforgettable rhythm even after the song is over.
  • Concentrate on Verse one and Verse two requiring two leading voices generally of male and female.
  • To support the song chorus also is needed to be used which you will have to synchronize in the song in such a way that the song should seem to be perfect in its own self.
  • Chorus basically expresses emotions and saturnalia. And it is up to you to you to decide the way of presenting it.
  • Apart from guiding the singer to sing a particular line of the song and following the singer at the same time, some instruments make the atmosphere so captivating that they enhance the effect of song manifold. 
  • Use only the substantial, lucid and common words rather than complicated ones.
  • To excel in making a song, repeat the practice again and again.

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