How to Stop Your Dog’s Excessive Licking

The dog happens to be faithful and reliable in comparison with selfish human beings who finding their purpose not being fulfilled often snap their relationship without giving another thought to a chronic period they should have shared with each other.

The dog never expresses his anger nor does cause a harm to its owner even if its needs remain unmet at the hand of latter. But some of its natural habits like relentless barking at seeing even a bird, rat or lizard in the home oftentimes become a cause of embarrassment for entire family.

As far as barking of a dog on any stranger’s approaching your house is concerned, it can be appreciated as it informs in advance of some one’s arriving, but its relentless barking even after a guest’s sitting comfortably on your drawing room has got to irritate not only the visitor but you as well.

As the barking of dogs cant be stopped, you should not waste your time in this regard except making the dog introduce with the visitor, if the visitor is reliable or is your close friend, otherwise the dog should be taken far away from the visitor and be engaged in some other activity.

Stop Dog Licking

There is another natural habit of the dog, that is his licking you which oftentimes renders you paranoid seeking to explore some remedial steps to put to an end such unsrupulous licking of your dog. Licking different parts of your body sometimes reaches such a climax that dog owner starts treating it as a sickness. But it’s not so as it can be stopped by taking some steps on your own which will get rid you of dog’s licking.

Licking by the dog can invite a variety of infections and may render you and your dress filthy. So curbing the licking of your dog is must and you should apply some tricks in this regard-

  • Dog is stimulated to lick due to medical and non-medical reasons which you will have to ascertain by keeping a close watch over its activity.
  • Find out whether the licking by the dog is done oftentimes even while sitting idle at home or during some specific moments.
  • If the dog licks any object, his paws or domestic stuffs even while sitting idle, it reveals its getting victimized of some allergy either due to dust, chill, heat or some foods. Such licking occurs due to medical reasons. It’d better to take your dog to a veterinarian for proper treatment of allergy the dog might have developed.
  • But if the dog licks your hands, legs and face while you are about to leave your home, it exhibits dog’s expressing his affection and missing you even after your departure. In order to control a storm of affection forcing your dog to lick you and your entire body relentlessly, you should get your dog used to taking yours leaving the house as usual as yours remaining inside the house.
  • Start going out of your house for a few minutes and return without spending maximum time there. Leave the house without saying goodbye to any one of your family members.
  • Repeat your going out for some time and returning back with in few minutes, making your such departure a normal activity for the dog.
  • Don’t love your dog by hugging it while leaving the house.
  • Do not look towards it with any emotion while leaving the house.
  • Instead of creating a scene of leaving the house, you should leave the house as if you are going nowhere else.

By repeating this tactic you will make the dog used to yours going of house and thus will get rid of superfluous licking by your cute dog. 

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