IBM’s Launches Linux based watch

Ibm-linux-wrist-watchIBM launches it’s Linux based wrist watch in Bang!inux conference.
The software development for this watch is being done in India. The idea of Linux Watch was formed at IBM’s T.J.Watson research centre.
The wristwatch is supported on Linux2.2.1 kernel with the ARM patch. The ARM processor that powers the watch runs at 19MHz .Burr Brown touch screen is used in the watch. With the help of Burr Brown touch screen one can map the whole screen in four Quadrants.IR (Infra Red) and Radio Frequency Supports wireless connectivity.

The watch supports the latest Bluetooth technology in communicating with other intelligent machines around it. One can connect his watch with his laptop or personal computer through Infra Red support or the communication Ports. The docking station is also designed to re-charge the batteries. The wristwatch uses special Ni-Cd battery. This invention shows the flexibility of Linux across a wide spectrum of platforms from huge commercial server to a small intelligent device.

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