Liver Disease in Dogs

Liver disease in dogs often becomes a cause of concern for the owner of the dog provided he or she lacks proper information in that regard. As the dog, being an animal and not health-conscious, does’t know as to what to eat and what to avoid in order to keep itself healthy, the onus of keeping it perfectly fit by its health lies on you.

It is indispensable to divulge as a fact over here that the liver disease cant totally be removed except being treated to lessen the gravity of different types of complications resulting due to dehydration or scarcity of adequate nutritions, the major factors of liver disease in dogs. The paucity should be replenished with adequate nutrients and proper medications. To treat the liver disease subcutaneous (SQ) or intravenous (IV) fluids are prescribed by the veterinarian.
Dog disease
The liver disease in dog can be identified by following symptoms:

*Excessive vomiting.

*Dog’s getting tired easily and sitting or lying idle for a long period of time just after playing with you or your family members.

*Eyes of the dog will look reddish.

*Constipation. All the consumed foods will be exited as undigested excreta.

*The dog will be found to have got victimized of anorexia, that is loose an appetite for foods.

*Its hair will start falling untimely and without any reason.

*The dog will go again and again for urinating, which though substantiates disordered level of sugar, it is correlated with dog liver problem.

*Color of urine of your dog will look pale and obnoxious.

*Emergence of  abdominal disorders called gastrointestinal upsets.

*The dog’s belly will be found much inflated and seemingly filled with liquid.

*Face of your dog will resemble a dull and pessimistic.

*There will occur yellowish pigment on its underbelly skin substantiating the bout of Jaundice on your dog.

*Some bleeding also may be noticed with the stool of your dog. This happens due to excessive formation of Proteins in the body which functions to clot the blood.

*You may notice some behavioral signs such as seizures, aimless pacing or circling, head pressing while being served the foods.

Though it’d better to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible as any delay on your has got to exacerbate the liver problem in your dog, you my do something on your own to control the liver problem in dog by following some tips:

*Do not offer any spicy, fried and turmeric based foods as it has got to enhance the
the liver problem further.

*Administer the Corticosteroids to your dog as it can play its inhibitive role in controlling the liver problem in dog.

*As your dog looses its appetite you should meet the requirements of foods by different feasible means either by using some tubes or syringes so that the dog should not become week.

*Ensure whatever you offer to your dog should be free from copper as it has got to play its contrary role on the treatment of liver disease.

*Give your dogs the foods enriched with Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Theses foods will lessen to a great extent the problem of bleeding and vomiting.


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