Methods Of Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Every man in the world longs to enjoy the love of her beloved one vociferously going beyond the limit which after all ends up on bed with both of them getting fused into one. But a question regarding the sexual satisfaction often you will find getting cropped up inquiring which one of them gets climaxed before leaving another one fidgeting, moaning and seeking to keep going on and on the sexual journey till the climax or orgasm.

Naturally the men are found to be weak in comparison with their female partner lasting not more than 2 to 3 minutes of duration due to their premature ejaculation. More than 50% men in the world are defeated on bed by their women during a sexual wrestling despite theirs being strong, smart, imperious and handsome by their physique as the premature ejaculation(PE) comes on their way as an impregnable one causing a premature ejaculation symbolizing their labefaction of sex.

It has been observed that man has an uncontrollable sexual desire stimulating him to invite his partner to come on bed without readind her mood. And no sooner she starts stripping herself and coming into her sexual mood than the man is found to have reached at such an stage where what remains to be done happens to thrust his penny into her vagina without arousing her dormant sexual desire, resulting into nothing except a premature ejaculation with in one or two minutes of time.

A phobia lest the paramour should snap all kinds of relationship with him often stimulates the men not to ejaculate before his beloved one reaches orgasm using a variety of methods directly related with intercourse either by having oral drugs or using desensitizing spray on his penny. But all such tactics or methods may prove to be stultified in the time to come.

Control premature ejaculation

Instead of repenting of being incapable of satisfying your wife or partner, you should maintain a sexual control on your own self till she herself starts arousing you in order to enjoy the intimacy of yours as a memorable one.

You should practice a self control in containing the premature ejaculation during a sexual intercourse with your beloved one on bed. Instead of thrusting your penny into the vagina of your beloved one, you rather should arouse her concealed instinct for an intercourse or sex and wait till her losing complete control over her passionate desire for intercourse with you, pulling you after all over her and thrusting your penny into her vagina on her own. Causing such an intense sexual desire in her will help you send your partner a stage of boisterous orgasm very efficiently.

It has found that just after feeling a sexual desire maximum number of men seek their women to offer them for their libidinous satisfaction without preparing them mentally which latter on stultifies their all the efforts of controlling their premature ejaculation. Those who love their partner too much should make up theirs partner’s mind for sex by kissing and touching her pubic and wait till she warms up and becomes a lioness.

There is another method to be applied by the men to control their premature ejaculation by practicing Kegel exercise which prevents their erection or ejaculation during intercourse with their partner. Those who aspire to control their premature ejaculation should try to excel in it by sitting on the floor of bathroom stretching both the legs apart and starting to urinate and stopping it in between. Repeat this exercise again and again which as a result will enhance your expertise in putting  a control on premature ejaculation during the sex.

Besides, another one of the proven methods of controlling the premature ejaculation is master batting. 30 minutes before going for sex you should do the master batting which produces fresh sperms, being much stronger and making your penny harder and too efficient to hit vigorously into the vagina, which exhorts you to last long during the sexual journey without causing a premature ejaculation in you, which results into a rapid kissings of your beloved one even after her scattering into your arm following a gigantic orgasm she comes across not to forgot in her life.

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