Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan lanterns With a few changes one can alter the way he or she ever thought about lighting very effectively. Lighting in any room of the home is as important to your mood as exercising on a regular basis or eating a healthy diet every day. The right home lighting can be as important is very effective to change the mood of the individual with the flick of the switch. Moroccan lanterns are starting to be the top lighting style liked by most interior designers due to their outstanding, gentle light and due to their high level of craftsmanship. There are no two Moroccan lanterns that look exactly alike since they are produced individually by the master craftsmen as a unique piece of art. They may look similar for the first time, but after you look closely and give your attention to every detail of the lamp, you’ll come to the conclusion that they are quite different. The reason behind is that all Moroccan lanterns are handmade, and every artisan’s design varies. One more reason may be the selection of different henna pastes, and even the wrought-iron frames are diverse.

 Moroccan lanterns exist in different sizes, shapes and colors. Most of them make use of vibrant Moroccan colors, such as yellow, orange, red or even blue. These Moroccan lanterns are readily available in 14-16 inches to 70 inches or more. The smaller Moroccan lanterns can be utilized as table lamps, which will highlight any table top. The taller models can be utilized as floor lamps, which will bring life and grandeur to any living space in the home. Another type of Moroccan lanterns that has gone very popular is the stained-glass Moroccan lanterns. Usually they are handmade by local artisans in Morocco using century-old traditions passed in the family. As with henna Moroccan lanterns, they also come in different shapes, designs, and sizes. The colored glass of these lanterns comes in different colors that will either match any home and would play an effective role to highlight it. The light glowing through the hand-carved metal elegantly reflects through the Moroccan-style colors, making walls and ceilings breath-taking and amazing look.

Candles or bulbs whatever you use, these handmade lanterns reflect a glowing and vibrant light that will sooth your soul yet leave a distinct sparkle on your walls, bringing an atmosphere of beauty and admiration. Contrasted to the henna Moroccan lanterns, which emit an even glow of light, stained-glass lanterns create geometric patterns wherever the light sparkles through the panes of glass. Therefore, these two different types of Moroccan lighting create different moods altogether. If you are looking for punches of color that have flare, then you are probably looking for a stained-glass Moroccan lantern; if you are going for a more chill, relaxed ambiance, then henna Moroccan lanterns are the perfect light to create that lounge atmosphere.

The Moroccan lanterns are picking up at the popularity chart at a rapid pace and they are becoming a style statement of their own. The price range is also varies for this product as per the craftsmanship applied to the product and usually it suits most of the pockets. 

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