Music Production and Mixing Tips & Tricks

A song or the music becomes captivating for every one by its symphonic  magical effect which it spells on all the listeners by its tones of combinational music. As a song just after being recorded renders all the listeners speech-less by its magical effect, there exists a secret as well behind its magical effect on the listeners.

Sophisticated machines have been in use for long, while recording different types of songs, causing in this way an acoustic magicl effect on listeners simultaneously. But with the computer coming into existence and handling all the works of our routine life with a blink of eye, music also is no more intact from causing its extraordinary effect on music production and mixing.

While listening a song all the sound effects of creatures, clouds, gushing of water and echo enhance the significance of a song in the ambiance stimulating the listeners to enjoy it much ecstatically again and again, the actual sound effects accompanied by the music are created during the sound recording and mixing to be accomplished in a hi-fi studio.
But even a common person can acomplish the sound mixing provided he has a vigorous instinct of doing so.   
We are giving here a few mixing tips and tricks to make a recorded/produced song much captivating by mixing it with other sounds in order to cause its natural effects on the listeners.

  • Instead of mixing a music on a normal high watt music system and controlling frequencies of different sounds like guitar, saxophone and bass, use only a hi-fi system completely controlled by a computer.
  • Through the monitor of computer you will be in the position to fathom the frequency and will choose frequencies of different musical instruments as well, as per your desire and need.
  • If you are likely to record your sound as well, use only the average quality Mic without wasting your money on other expensive ones.
  • Never use a conventional Equalizer as it will lessen the natural effect of some instruments which you want to engulf the entire ambiance.
  • Instead of playing the manual drum while recording, use another electronic base such as octopad to accompany the song seemingly being played with the song while recording.
  • If you use the monitor of a computer to visualize the frequencies of different sounds, you will not have to bother of directing the instrument players as the pitch of sound after the production of song can be determined by listening the music repeatedly.
  • Mixing the music is very easy provided you have created a picture of a situation which you seek to present in your song to be mixed with music under your guidance. 

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