Nautical Star Tattoos

Trend of tattooing the nautical star tattoos dates back to more than hundred years of period revealing staunch belief of the navigators that just after venturing into the sea for voyage, theirs returning back to home safely rested at the hands of nautical stars only.

Navigators of the Northern hemisphere sailing during the night hours were guided by the North star whom they looked at in order to determine the direction to move to in the confusing water of sea.

During the ancient period of time there was no technique to be applied by the navigators to maintain a communication with their people and keep themselves acquainted with different types of informations required for their sea journey without any friction.
Nautica Star tattoo design

Stars were relied upon so blindly by the boats men that they worshiped them hoping that they will reconcile them again with their family members only with the benevolence of nautical stars.

As the time has changed, so has the concept as well, but the notion regarding the nautical star has yet not changed and its indelible effect satill can be seen amongst the people sporting  a variety of nautical star tattoos on different parts of their body with a great respect.

The nautical star’s immortal significance can be seen in a form of its being used in the ocean service of US Armed forces as well.Five pointed red star symbolizes the desire of returning safe from voyage and now it has become an inseparable part of life with the youths preferring to sport it on different parts of their body like belly, arms, shoulders, back of body and hand as  nautical star tattoos to substantiate their concept regarding the Nautical Star.

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