Nokia N81- Delight for music lovers


Nokia one of the world’s best mobile manufacturer always introduce some nice and exciting features in their mobile to attract the consumer. Nokia N81 focused on music it is not inbuilt with fine lens or neither GPS nor it’s designed for multimedia freak people.
To sooth the appetite of music lover it is embedded with loud stereo speaker.

The side-mounted stereo speakers were so powerful. It is the loudest speaker used in mobile phone ever, Nokia N-81 provides powerful memory back up of 8GB of internal memory to save all the tunes you love to hear.
It is embedded  with 3G and WiFi techniques.N-81 is a provides nice games It’s four-way pad works as a D-pad when the phone is flipped on its side. And the best part of the N-81 is  that is configured  to find  and download music and games from the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage games service. The mobile with 8GB of internal memory will cost $599 in European countries, or $499 with 2GB of removable microSD that can be swapped out for a card up to 4GB in capacity.

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