Perfume Suppliers

China has emerged as one of the largest perfume suppliers of the world in the case of men’s fragrances and they are taking effective steps to make the brands more recognizable in the international market. They are investing heavily in product development. Suppliers are allotting 5 to 10 percent of their revenue to R&D annually to make their existing range of perfumes look wider and versatile. Many of the Chinese perfume suppliers have already installed in-house teams, who are making advances toward creating original fragrances; they are also concentrating to develop the perfumes based on the specifications provided by the buyers, besides developing the original perfumes.

PerfumesR&D department of the Chinese perfume suppliers are working round the clock on the application of modern manufacturing techniques and continuously exploring the use of new ingredients for the invention of a new fragrance. While doing so these perfume suppliers consider the market’s preferences, competitors’ products and government regulations when fabricating new perfume formulations.

To improve the R&D capability, some of the perfume supplier companies are cooperating with other establishments such as universities and research institutes to get the speedy and fruitful results. Recently the Beijing-Paris Nancy Cosmetic Co. Ltd started collaborating with a leading R&D house located in France. Many of the perfumes developed by it are being marketed under the Nancy brand and they are being exported also to the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asian countries.

Perfumes are being developed by the Beverley Cosmetics Co. Ltd are being researched and formulated in association with a university in Guangdong province. The company is marketing their perfumes in the domestic market in the brand name of Beverley. To promote the Beverly brand overseas, they have set up their business offices in various regions globally, including the European Union and the United States.

Another company Shanghai Siyuan Flavors and Fragrances Company Limited are working with one university located in Shanghai province for the development of unique fragrances. Beside developing the product and packaging, the Chinese perfume supplier companies are emphasizing on the quality of men’s fragrance. The perfume suppliers are usually procuring the raw materials from local market to remain in competition. To ensure these raw materials are potent yet safe for use, perfume suppliers are subjecting these ingredients to strict in-house inspections.

The Chinese perfume suppliers try to ensure that the produced perfumes always undergo the concentration and chemical composition analysis to ascertain their safety for use. If preferred by buyers, perfume suppliers send their perfumes to the testing houses for further evaluation. Most of the perfumes suppliers comply with the international regulations as well. Some of the perfume suppliers comply with the standards set by FDA and EEC. The Chinese perfume suppliers are paying fullest attention in the packaging aspect of the perfumes as well.

These companies are creating designs for perfume containers and outsourcing their production to local perfume bottle suppliers also. The containers are evaluated in-house. The overall appearance of the perfume bottles is given importance as well. In all the Chinese perfume suppliers working very hard to capture the lions share of the global perfume business, whether they succeed or not only time will tell. 


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