Pocket PC Advent Calendar

Pocket pc advent calendar An Advent calendar is a extraordinary calendar practiced by a few Christians to calculate the days of Advent. Nowadays, they’re generally created for kids.

The beginnings of the Advent calendar amount from German Lutherans who, at least as early as the commencement of the nineteenth century, would calculate the days of Advent physically. Often this implied merely describing a chalk line on the door each day, commencing on Dec 1. A few classes had more detailed way of labelling the days, such as illuminating a fresh candle (maybe the genesis of today’s Advent wreath) or clinging a small spiritual image on the wall every day.

Now pocket PC advent calendar is also available and is known as SantaMagic – Charity Advent Calendar .
The main features of this pocket PC advent calendar are:

    * Begin with the 1th of December open one door each day.
    * Requires just 150 KByte free memory
So you can download it on your pocket PC and enjoy the digital version the advent calendar.

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