Some Techniques to Warm Up Your Singing Voice

We feel a tremendous relaxation and manage to lessen even the mounting tension of ours while hearing the voice of some renowned singer. Without practice no any one can become an efficient singer. And what practice calls for are some of conspicuous exercises to be done regularly so that an aspirant of achieving an exceptional dexterity in singing should grab all the tactics staunchly needed to be applied at reaching such a stage which makes us a recognized singer.

No body in the world can be termed as a singer by birth as just after coming out of mother’s womb child doesn’t start singing. There may be an interest developed within the child of listening the musics and songs motivating him to sing just like any of his ideal singer, but becoming a qualified singer will be required to make the voice capable of singing with a great flexibility.

One of the conspicuous techniques is warming up the singing voice. If you also strive for becoming an efficient singer you will have to make your voice captivating enough by warming up your voice. You can warm up it by implementing a few tips being mentioned over here even for the novices.

  • As the breath is an indispensable part of singing, every beginner is needed to establisg a harmonious synchronization between lung and diaphragm so that they can provide him sufficient breath for singing. Do inhsale your breath slowly by consuming some time, hold it inside your lung for a minute at least and afterwards breath it out of your lung as slowly as you can, spending not less than sixty seconds at a time. Repeatability of such a breath exercise helps the singer sing without succumbing to breath compulsion. 
  • Next step to be taken in warming up your voice is making a low-pitch sound, after inhaling sufficient air, and raising it gradually with the running out of your lung air. Initially you may face some problems, but regular exercise will make you efficient enough in singing by warming up your voice.
  • To keep a good control over your voice you will have to do another exercise and that is in regard to creating a sound of a siren raising it from a low pitch and vice versa. Repeated exercise has got to warm up your voice, paving in this way for yours becoming an efficient singer.
  • Next step is regarding the vowels by moving up the scale. After having done a full octave or fifth scale transform the sound of vowel. In other words you will have to practice of vowels by enunciating them in such a way they should seem as if being used in a song. The pronunciation should be too long like A- “ey…”, “eee….”, “oooo…..” etc. Innumerable vowels and can be used repeatedly to excel in singing.
  • Tongue also has its indispensable role while singing the song for which regular exercise of enunciating of the words too fast like royal, yellow, creativity, carcass etc is needed to be accomplished by the singer.
  • Use only your diaphragm rather than the throat while practicing your singing.
  • Don not use spicy or chilled foods.
  • Consume butter, fruits and milk only.
  • Keep drinking as much water as you can to keep your throat mild.
  • Eat the apple as it also rehydrates your throat thus helping you sing excellently.

  1. Without practice no one can be an efficiente singer, that’s a fact. But I beleive talent is essencial. I could never be a singer hehehe…but I’m gonna try this excercises, thanks for those tips!

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