Teeth Whitening Naturally

Whitening your teeth naturally means applying the home method to whiten your teeth and increase their shining without suffering any hazardous effect over the enamels of teeth.

Smiling face of yours displays your pleasing personality and teeth play their extraordinary role in enhancing your charming look by countenance. Why to suppress the tainted or filthy teeth even while bursting into laugh? Those of you who feel ashamed of yours teeth bearing yellowish or brownish stains can apply some of the age long proven modus operandi recognized as home remedy in removing the obstinate stains of teeth without seeking an appointment with a dentist and spending money on heavy consulting fees.

There are several methods to have been in use for long for keeping the teeth perfectly shiny and whitened which include Bamboo powder, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, and Silica.

Teeth Whitening Naturally

Some people relying totally upon the home remedy of removing stains and keeping their teeth and gum perfectly healthy use lemon juice and strawberries by rubbing them on teeth. But the effect, contrary to their belief, proves hazardous causing a harmful effect over their respective teeth. Profusely rich in acid the lemon juice and strawberry paste remove the protective enamel from over the teeth which not only weakens the root of teeth but causes a pain while having hot or chilled drinks.

As far as suitability of the Lemon juice is concerned it can prove to be an effective teeth whitening method provided mixed with Hydrogen peroxide. As the Hydrogen peroxide is a favorable agent to be used after being mixed with Lemon juice, this is very efficient in yielding the same desired result if used after being mixed with baking soda or baking powder.

Silica is one of the best home remedies in whitening the teeth naturally and effectively causing no any harmful or side effect on the teeth or gum of the individual. Next to it is the Bamboo commonly known everywhere in the world by its woody and jointed stems, called culms. It also is used as one of the best home remedies whitening the teeth, removing the stains and strengthening the gum with a great efficiency.

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