Waterproof Trousers

Waterproof Trousers There is a love-hate relationship present with waterproof trousers. Generally people hate wearing them but at the same time they love protection they offer from rain and chilling wind. Thankfully things have come a long way and they do keep you dry from the harsh rainy conditions. Whether you really need a pair of waterproof trousers will depend on what are your plans on the hills. Anyone who enjoys walking throughout the year will find them indispensable. There are many categories available for you to fall into; it is solely depended on the fact that whether you want something industrial and durable, or whether you need a super lightweight pair for occasional use.

Waterproof trouser do not offer the same diversity of design as found in jackets. But from a design point of view the most important thing is how easy there are to get on and off in a hurry, plus what kind of freedom of movement they offer. However there are many types of designs available in the market for the waterproof trousers.  Some times full length zips running up the outside of the trousers make them very easy to put on and are well worth having a look.

The discouraging fact is that they cost more to produce, add to the weight of the trouser and they are an invitation for wet legs unless protected with storm flaps. As far as freedom of movement is concerned, that’s depended not only on the fabric but how loose the cut is produced, too loose a cut may allow plenty of movement but at the same time your trouser will flap in the wind. The other thing to look out for is a decent ankle cuff that fits nicely over your pair of boots and do not ride up, if it does ride up then you’re in a terrible mess, it would be like   pointing a drainpipe at your feet.

The fabrics used for these trousers are usually the same as with waterproof jackets and the same limitations for dampness in rainy condition may apply. Usually it is not due to the leaking, but it is due to the fact that fabrics don’t breathe as well when they are wet. If you are trying to decide on the kind of fabric, then you would be required to work out the use your trousers, for regular walkers it should be something durable, with reinforcement on the main areas of wear like seat and knees. If you want a pair of waterproof trousers just for that unexpected shower, or as insurance for a emergency visit to the hills, then a lighter, cheaper and less durable fabric might be what you need.

Manufacturers are increasingly waking up to the fact that these trousers are getting popular and women have different shapes as compared to men and designing the waterproof trousers accordingly. Soft shell is a kind of cloth which accepts a lower level of waterproof ness in return for much greater breath ability and comfort. This is a very god alternative available for the activities like running and spring skiing or climbing.

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