Why Camping Lanterns ?

Camping lanternsWhen you go for camping you require many camping accessories including a good quality of camping lantern beside every thing.  The options available in this regard are gas, battery, or candle camping lantern. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.
The Gas camping lanterns usually give bright light but they are quite noisy and also they are most expensive of all camping lanterns available. Moreover you will be required to pack extra bottles of the gas for them.  Ther are many options available for Lanterns for camping. Infact today camping lanterns with remote control are also available.

The old version of liquid gas lanterns provide as much light, as the newer version but refilling the tank with liquid gas can be dangerous if you are not careful enough. These lanterns use mantels so it is necessary to carry some extras always. Battery lanterns are the another option available they provide sufficient light but however you would always require spare batteries, if it is a rechargeable one, then you will require some source to recharge the batteries. One more thing, the batteries of the rechargeable camping lanterns do not last as long as a regular battery type of lantern and the lighting it provides tends to be a shade dull.

The rechargeable lanterns can be recharged with your car with some models. Candle lanterns provide the most cost effective option but at the same time you have to be very careful not to start a fire with them. One more thing they do not give a strong light and also they are subject to going out in a breeze. As per the general opinion available the best lanterns for camping to use inside a tent is battery lantern. But, they usually do not work well in cold climates as the batteries tend to go down faster due to the cold atmosphere.

Always take care that the lantern you buy is weather proof. One more thing, if you are camping in cold weather conditions then you should go in for the gas camping lanterns, it is the best choice because not only do they give a bright light they also provide a fair amount of heat. Beware; never use the gas lanterns in the tent. As the lantern may get knocked over or get too close to flammable materials and it may start a fire in the rain you have to be careful because the glass cover can break if water gets on it. A mantle gives about 300 watts of light. Also you have to be extremely careful as the glass cover of the gas camping lanterns get very hot and it can give you a serious burn injury.

Same type of caution goes with the candle lanterns; you have to be extremely careful so that you do not start a fire. The hot wax of the candle lanterns for camping can burn you if you get it on your skin therefore take care of that too. Never leave such type of lantern burning in your tent unattended and never fall asleep with a burning lantern in your tent. Many camping trips get ruined by a hot lantern. No matter which type of lantern you use always play safe.

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