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I Love Digital Frames, do you?

 A wooden or a metallic Photo Frame is a avid present idea or traditionalistic souvenir to share reminiscences. But shifting times call for modifying thoughts, and with the World Wide Web and of our own web pages we can barter photos with allies near and far. The technologically challenged, or computer beginners, can conserve Digital Photo Frames, the correct gizmo for sharing and showing pictures, yes digital frames are really… Read Article →

Laptop Security

Today Laptops can be easily be found in almost all offices and most of the homes. Business executives don’t worry that much about laptop but more about the important business data stored in their laptop as once the laptop is stolen then you may loose all your precious data and files that you have collected from past many years. So here comes the laptop security issue !! You must be wondering how… Read Article →

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset

Apple’s presents it’s light, simple, and attractively designed Bluetooth headset for it’s iPhone but the device cause hindrance in utilizing the full potential of the iPhone. The headset is quite expensive it cost about $129. Its dual dock feature is useful it charges both the headset and the iPhone. While traveling separate docking cable can be used to charge both from a single USB.iPhone dock cost around$50 and $30 for… Read Article →

Nokia N81- Delight for music lovers

Nokia one of the world’s best mobile manufacturer always introduce some nice and exciting features in their mobile to attract the consumer. Nokia N81 focused on music it is not inbuilt with fine lens or neither GPS nor it’s designed for multimedia freak people. To sooth the appetite of music lover it is embedded with loud stereo speaker.