Choosing To Conceive A Girl Or Boy Baby

Though there should not be a great difference between boy and girl, the parents choose to conceive a girl or boy baby as per their choice in order to fulfill a need of their family. Though giving a birth to a girl or boy baby is considered to be a desire of God, parents can play their extraordinary role in determining the sex of a baby in order to conceive either a girl or boy baby by following some tips being mooted over here.

Women choosing to conceive a boy baby should have a heavy intake of calories apart from sufficient amount of Potassium and Sodium by consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables and edible items such as baked potato skins, figs, apricots, strawberries, and bananas.
Conceive Girl Or Boy Baby

If you choose to conceive a boy baby you will have to become an intercourse-conscious before heading to plunge yourself into the ocean of libido for sex with your life partner. Instead of satisfying the fire of passion just after being stimulated by your sexual desire, you will have to restrain yourself till close to yours ovulation in order to let the male sperm dominate and set into motion the fertility much efficiently conducive for the boy baby. Scientifically it has been proved that prior to female ovulation establishing a sexual intercourse increases 100% chances of conceiving the boy baby.

But those choosing to conceive a girl baby rather will have to go for an intercourse three days before the ovulation which, though keeps the female sperms active and live, does overcome the male sperm(it dies until the ovulation) obliterating in this way, the chances of boy baby to be conceived.

Besides, to fulfill the need of choosing to conceive a girl baby, the aspirant lady during an intercourse will have not to let penetrate man deep into hers in order to avoid male-sperms domination.   

Apart from accomplishing the sex related tasks, a lady seeking to conceive a girl baby will have to concentrate on her food intakes as well enhancing the percentage of magnesium by consuming profusely spinach, greens vegetables, and black beans.

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