First Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

No doubt organizing first birthday party for twins is a most exciting experience.

But how to celebrate it starts haunting the parents with birthday’s approaching day by day closer.
Immensely confused over celebrating the twins’ birthday, the parents do often plan of fixing different dates for the purpose.

But this is not a good idea as these small kids are the babies, born on the same day from womb of same mother. Making the twins hold a knife to cut a large single cake may not please their parents anymore, compelling them to look for exceptional first birthday party ideas.

Should First Birthday of Twins Be Celebrated Separately?
When the God himself has credentialed theirs identity as the twins, how can you rein in such nature-determined dispensation. You should arrange first birthday party of your twin babies on the same date and at the same time.

First Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

Following are a few exceptional ideas on birthday party of the twins.

  • Arrange two small cakes for the twins- Cutting a single birthday cake by the twins with one large knife together though is OK, you shouldn’t expedite it with two small cakes. The cakes should be placed rather at the centre of venue side by side and twin babies, dressed in beautiful birthday-party-outfits, should be encouraged to concentrate on cutting the cake individually amidst “Happy Birthday to You”.
  • Ask the guests to present your twin-babies separate gift packs- Such action on your part will make them feel special. Whatever is presented to the twins individually has got to cherish in them the idea of being important, which otherwise can’t be possible.
  • Arrange personalized party favors for all the invited little-guests on behalf of each of your twin babies- On growing up these twin babies will retrospect how they were treated on their first birthday. And the way you do organize their first birthday party on same day and at same time will make them realize their personal importance, despite being the twins for others.

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