How to Celebrate your 50th Wedding Anniversary

If your parents are approaching their 50th Wedding Anniversary then you are lucky enough to celebrate in the best manner and make that particular day, very special for the couple. You can arrange the party at home or at a leading auditorium, party hall or restaurant. Do invite the friends, close relatives, neighbors and all well-wishers in advance for the party.
While planning the couple’s 50th Wedding Anniversary do take the couple’s advices and suggestions also. You can rearrange the couple’s marriage and by renewing their marriage vows in front of the large gathering of guest. In order to make the event get a religious touch, you can hire a member of the clergy or layperson to do a wedding.  Do make arrangement for champagne for toasting and a nice wedding cake for the couple. It is the best form of giving the reception for the couple and guest.

50th wedding anniversary gifts

Gift the couples with the right item

Hunt for the cool 50th Wedding Anniversary gifts online and present the best gift to the couple who are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. It can be a bottle of wine which is their favorite choice. It is better to know their favorite brand and present the same brand as gift times. You can also collect their photos and make a personalized photo album for their exclusive 50th Wedding Anniversary edition.  You can also gift them a Bible which was printed nearly 50 years ago.

Engage in some charitable works

If you and your parents are financially comfortable then you can plan to donate good amount of money for charity purpose. You can also encourage the guest to donate along with you. If you don’t want to help financial then you can sponsor a group meal on behalf you to the inmates of the orphanage or old age home. You can also pay the bill for a month’s fruits, milk, cheese, beverages etc. You can also gather funds from all your well-wishers and donate it for good cause on the parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Present a short documentary on the couple’s life

You can also make a short documentary on the couples 50 years of life together. You can add photos or video clippings of their marriage, holiday trips, birthday parties, get-together parties, kitty parties, official meetings etc. You can also add interviews of the well-wishers giving their comment regarding the celebrating couple. This documentary can be aired in front of the guest on that particular day. It will surely be a big surprise for the celebrating couple.

A note of thanks giving speech and gifting the guest

You can arrange a rock band to specially play the songs for the five decades in different moods to entertain the couple and their guest. Do arrange the dance floor the guest to dance along with the couple. At the end of the party, serve the guest with delicious food items with ice creams and sweet items. Do present the adults and kids attending the party with different types of thanks giving gifts and memorable items. As the best host do give a memorable speech to please the couple and the guest.

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